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The APF Board consists of nine members who are recommended by the general membership and nominated by the Nominations Committee for final voting by board. The board is a working board and oversees or is engaged in the operations and leadership of the APF, which remains an all-volunteer organization. 

The Nominations Committee makes a deliberate effort to ensure representation on the Board that reflects the membership's global diversity and specific needs for governance and operations. The Committee is chaired by Jennifer Jarratt and consists of volunteer APF members.


The Board elects a Chair, Vice-Chair and Treasurer from its membership. Meetings are held at least monthly, usually via teleconference or online meeting.  The Board strives to meet in person at least once annually and this meeting usually coincides with an APF event or another major futures event. The first strategic planning retreat was held in Washington DC in Feb 27- March 1, 2011 (strategic plan 2011-2013). The second strategic planning retreat will be in Atlanta, Georgia Feb 4-6, 2014 (strategic plan 2014-2016).

Current Members

Marcus Barber (Australia)
Christian Crews (US)
Andrew Curry Vice Chair (UK)
Cindy Frewen Chair (US)
Tanja Hichert (South Africa)
Claudia Juech (US)
Josh Lindenger (US)
Jim Mathews Treasurer (US)
Joe Tankersley (US)

Verne Wheelwright, Board Liaison Officer

Board members' bios 

Board Documents


Notes of Board meetings are circulated to members after each meeting and saved in the community section/premium content of this website (sign in required).
If you have any questions or need more information about the Board's operations, please send an email to: contact@profuturists.org.

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