The Association of Professional Futurists runs events for members and the public. On occasion, related non-APF futures events are included. All times are Eastern Time Zone/US. 

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Upcoming events

    • 02 Oct 2015
    • 4:30 PM - 7:00 PM (UTC+01:00)
    • The Futures Company, London
    • 19

    The Future of Energy – Using A New Futurist Tool

    A presentation by U.S. Futurist Herb Rubenstein (more details on Herb below) at The Futures Company in London.

    For some, the deep drop in energy prices came as a shock.  To others, using the Ecosystem Strengths Analysis Tool, there have been no surprises in the deep drop in the price of oil and gas and the deep drop in the cost of renewables.   

    The future landscape for energy is anything but certain.  While we have a global energy market for oil, we only have regional energy markets for natural gas and we only have small area markets for power leading to the creation of many
    Power plants.

    What will the experience be?

    Come and discuss and participate in identifying what the key ecosystems are that will impact:  Energy storage, geothermal, wave technology, offshore wind, oil, gas availability and prices, solar, hydrogen, and power that will be sent by lasers from collecting stations that will exist above the clouds.  

    As part of the session we also plan to mash up the output with some other methods, including postcards, to find how things change.

    What will you come away with ?

    You will come away with a new tool for futurists’ work that will allow you to understand better the ecosystem dynamics that often prove to be the deciding factors as to what the future will bring to us.  

    Who is Herb?

    Herb Rubenstein is the author of the Financial Times/Prentice Hall book, Breakthrough, Inc.: High Growth Strategies for Entrepreneurial Organizations and several books on leadership.  
    Herb is a lecturer at the Global Energy Management Program of the University of Colorado Denver’s graduate school of business.  He teaches Strategic Management, The Future of Energy (London), and the Future of Energy Policy and Regulation (Washington, DC).  He is founding board member of the Association of Professional Futurists and a speaker at World Future Society International Conferences.  He is an attorney and Certified Strategic Management Professional.  He also teaches courses for Thomson Reuters on Boards of Directors, Forecasting, and Scenario Planning.

    Session location

    The venue is The Futures Company, 6 More London Place, London SE1 2QY, running from a prompt start at 4.30 pm and running to 7pm. There will be some refreshments (water and light snacks) but if you want coffee or tea please buy it from a local cafe on the way in. Free but registration essential.

    For questions on the event please contact Nick Price       
    • 08 Oct 2015
    • 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM
    • online
    Monthly board meeting.  

    • 15 Oct 2015
    • 17 Oct 2015
    • Atlanta, GA
    APF Annual Gathering 2015
    October 15-17, 2015
    Atlanta, GA


    It’s time to register for the APF 2015 Annual Gathering in Atlanta on Oct 15-17.  This year’s event will be packed with guest speakers from the field of learning, along with sessions led by some of the APF’s leading learning and educational futures practitioners. There will be innovative workshops and plenty of opportunities to network and create with your peers as we explore the future of learning. 

    Special guests at this year’s Gathering will include: 

    Dr. Randy Swearer, Provost, Philadelphia University
    Dr. Stephen Harmon, Chair of the Learning Technologies Division, College of Education, Georgia State University
    Elizabeth Strickler, Director Digital Arts and Entertainment Lab

    As always, the Gathering will bring together a unique group of international participants for a weekend that promises to be creative, educational and, yes, even fun.  

    Atlanta GA, Chuck Koehler flickrcc

    The Learning Remix
    The theme of the APF 2015 Annual Gathering will be the future of learning. The event will feature outstanding speakers, workshops, installations and play. We’ll explore the major forces that are aligned to disrupt the world of formal and informal learning over the coming decade. 

    Come join us as we deconstruct and remix these myriad challenges and opportunities and do what we do best; generate not just future scenarios, but ground-breaking concepts that could change the world.

    WFSF Members, please contact Joe Tankersley for access to your special rate. 

    For those planning travel.  Check-in for the Gathering will begin around 5:00 PM on Thursday 10/15. The Gathering will conclude on Saturday night. 


    The official venue for the Gathering will be the Artmore Hotel in Midtown Atlanta.  This intimate boutique hotel is housed in an historic 1924 apartment building, recently renovated, in the middle of Atlanta’s popular Midtown area. The hotel and its location will provide us an interesting glimpse into the innovative trends in urban redevelopment taking place in the city. PLUS, it will provide the perfect location for networking and gathering.

    Attendees to the Gathering can reserve their rooms at a special rate of $145.00, plus tax, per night. Wi-fi and breakfast are included. The telephone number for reservations is 01 404 876 6100. You must mention APF Gathering to get the special rate.

    There are a limited number of rooms available so book early.

    Contact Joe Tankersley( with any questions.
    • 30 Oct 2015
    • 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM (UTC-00:00)
    • THECUBE London Studio 5, 155 Commercial Street, E1 6BJ London, United Kingdom

    The New Economic Tsunami

    This event in the late 2015 APF London Gatherings term is a collaboration with the community of co-workers, co-researchers at The Cube London 

    The Cube is located near Spitalfields Market very near Shoreditch, Liverpool Street Station and plenty of good pubs and restaurants.  They've hosted the Club of Amsterdam (which was a good session of speaking and enthusiastic Q&A from the Cube members) and they are keen to keep engaging with thinkers about the future. 


    The predatory culture of debt which created the crash of 2007 is continuing but with augmented consequences. Global debts in the world is now three times that of the GDP, which will create a new "Tsunami of Debt". We will be screening a documentary by Michelle Coomber of the same title, followed by a discussion examining what we need to do to create healthier economic systems that are not supported by debt.

    The programme is

    1845: doors open
    1900: Introductions of Speakers, Nick Price, THECUBE
    1920: screen of an excerpt of Tsunami of Debt by documentary maker  Michelle Coomber
    1930: Kick off roundtable discussion with three questions
    2030: end

    Post event - The Commercial Tavern across the road if people would like to discuss further. Address: 142-144 Commercial St, London E1 6NU

    This roundtable discussion is a collaboration between the Association of Professional Futurists and THECUBE London.  (I am looking for a couple of speaker volunteers from the APF)

    Event signup is HERE are through Billetto managed by THECUBE London.  AFTER you have signed up ALSO please email me, Nick Price, and let me know if you are attending from the APF.

    For questions, contact Nick Price
    • 05 Nov 2015
    • 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM
    • online
    Monthly board meeting.  

    • 03 Dec 2015
    • 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM
    • online
    Monthly board meeting.  

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