APF Founding Members 2002-Present

In honor of the Ten Year Anniversary, the current Board of Directors would like to say thank you to the founding members of the Association of Professional Futurists. These members have remained in good standing since the inception. Each played a critical role, or in many cases, multiple roles in the APF's continued success.
Peter Bishop (current Membership Chair)
Michele Bowman
Christian Crews
Mike de Bettencourt
Kate Delaney (current Professionalization TF)
Jay Forrest
Jay Gary (current board member)
Joyce Gioia
Terry Grim (current MSFW/SRP Judge)
Andy Hines (current Professionalization Chair) 
Jennifer Jarratt (current Nominations, ProDev)
Dominique Purcell Jaurola  
Richard Lum
John Mahaffie (current Finance Committee)  
Jim Mathews (current board member)
Michael McAllum
Pero Micic (current Membership Committee)
Stephen Millett  
Mary Jane Naquin (current Pro Dev facilitator)
Peter Padbury (current Membership Committee)
Randy Scheel
David Shannon 
Lee Shupp
Herb Rubenstein (current Digital APF TF)
Verne Wheelwright (current Liaison Officer)
Derek Woodgate (current Gatherings CoChair)
This group represents fourteen board members, three board chairs, multiple committee chairs, and four Most Significant Futures Works authors. Many were not only founders of the APF but also created particular initiatives. Much appreciation is due to this group, who had the foresight and leadership to begin a new organization for professional futurists. Thanks to each of you! 

Two other members should be remembered, recently passed.  Joe Coates was a founder and pillar of the professional futures community for decades. Ken Harris started the Most Significant Futures Works program, ran it until 2014, and is fondly remembered by all. 

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