APF Strategic Plan 2014-2016

Overview of Planning Process

The APF Board held its second planning workshop February 2014 in Atlanta to develop a strategic plan for 2014 - 2016. The majority of the 2011 plan is complete. In those three years, the APF grew in size and vitality as a community, created strategic partnerships, and established effective governance and infrastructure. 

Prior to the workshop, members were asked to contribute their views and opinions via a survey and the listserv. Both societal and individual practice issues rose to the top. 
  • the need to expand membership, add value offered to members, and strengthen the member community,
  • recognition and relevance of the field externally and professionalization of the field, and
  • APF leadership, financing, website and general operations.

While the last plan focused on establishing a vibrant community and robust organization, this plan extends the model for a more global and diverse membership while further developing applied foresight practices. 

Core values were identified as: Collaboration, Professionalism, Collegiality, Innovation, and Inclusive.

Download the strategic plan (pdf).

Contact Cindy Frewen, Board Chair, if you have any questions about the plan.

APF Vision
The leading global organization of professional futurists    

By 2025, the APF will be the preferred global forum for practicing futurists seeking to create excellence in applied foresight. It will be internationally known for promotion and development of applied futures thinking.

APF Mission

The mission of the APF is to:

  • lead discussion internationally about professional futures practice,
  • encourage the use of futures and foresight in strategic decision making, and
  • offer services, resources and training for foresight professionals to advance their skills and knowledge.
  • provide an avenue for end users to connect with APF members able to deliver futures-based services. 

  1. Digital APF: Develop a dynamic online presence across platforms that serves members, the organization, and the public.  
  2. Global APF: Broaden membership and perception of APF as a global and diverse organization. 
  3. Global Gatherings: Generate greater opportunities for face-to-face sharing of knowledge and outreach. 
  4. APF Value: Continue to build a strong APF with effective leadership and organizational practices that ensures members can practise at a high professional level and be recognised leaders in futures and foresight work.
  5. APF Connections: As a next priority, extend the APF’s public presence through external outreach, connections, and public information. 

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