APF Student Recognition Program

Students who do outstanding work deserve recognition for that work, and institutions that develop outstanding students also deserve recognition. That concept has led the Association of Professional Futurists to develop a competition that to recognize outstanding work by students in futures studies.

You can find more information about the competition guidelines here, and the universities involved here

Current winners are listed below. You can find details of previous winners by following the links in the menu.

The judges are: Elizabeth Rudd (Australia), John Mahaffie (US), Kay Strong (US), Ken Harris (US), Maree Conway (Australia), Dr Oliver Markley (US), Rowena Morrow (Australia), and Terry Grim (US). 

The committee is led by chair Elizabeth Rudd, and chief judge Jim Mathews, with committee members Terry Collins, Ruben Nelson, Steve Gould, Laurie Bonney, Maree Conway, and Rowena Morrow. 

2012 Winners (for work undertaken in 2011, announced spring 2012)

Team Category

Joint Winners
Alba Ortega Trevino
Raziel Rico David
Dunyazath Salazar Alvarez
Nahita Trejo Rodriguez
Gloria Perez Salazar
Modeling Scenarios: The Yellow Corn Production in Mexico to 2018
Monterrey Institute of Technology


Liliana Moreno
Rodrigo Orea
Noe Martinez
David Mora
Gloria Perez Salazar
Public Debt of Nuevo Leon, Mexico towards 2025: Key elements and Effect of the Fiscal Policy
Monterrey Institute of Technology

Third Place
Heather Schlegel
Emily Empel
The Demographic Transition 
University of Houston
Individual Category 

Tzuying Wu (Wu, Tzu-Ying)
Learning English in Taiwan's Elementary Schools
Tamkang University

Second Place
Tania Kennedy
Influences and factors on potential futures of banking
Swinburne University of Technology
Third Place
Farhad Azad
Forecasting Iran's Power Policy
Regent University

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