Association of Professional Futurists’
IF Awards
for Most Significant Futures Works 2022

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For 14 years, the Association of Professional Futurists has created a space to recognize work that has advanced the field, drawn attention to critical issues, created an impact, and enlivened new thinking and forethought. APF annually recognizes the Most Significant Futures Works to identify and reward professional futurists and others whose work illuminates aspects of the future. Furthermore, APF shares these projects with the public to educate, inform and showcase examples of excellent futures work. For more information and to see past winners visit the Past Winners page.


The MSFW has typically gone to someone from the northern hemisphere, specifically Europe and North America. However, the APF has since grown into an international organization by fostering a dynamic, global, diverse, and collaborative community. This shift from North American-focused to globally focused, specifically the increased engagement and membership interest in Latin America, the Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, and the North Asia region, and from the founding generation to the next generation, creates new opportunities. 


For the 20th Anniversary of the APF, we are asking questions about what futures works may be deemed “Most Significant” with a broader lens. We are calling it the APF IF Awards. The IF Awards convey possibility and exploration, opening to alternatives and diversity. The “I” stands for all the cool things that are core as well as changing about futures work - impact, interconnected, inspiration, international, imagination, images of the future, and indigenous. And “F” stands for none other than futures, foresight, and futurisms, the common spaces of our communities and association. And, also the central and provocative role of the “if” in our work as futurists in helping others to ponder: What if? If then?

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1. IMPACTFUL - noteworthy advances in the methods and practices of foresight and futures studies 

2. INCLUSIVE - utilizes participatory futures approaches and practices to create change and/or enhance interconnectedness

3. INTERDEPENDENT - creates further awareness and understanding of challenges using a systems-lens, approaches, and/or practices

4. INDIGENOUS - promotes future-oriented practices rooted in Indigenous, Native, and/or endogenous approaches, concepts, practices, and voices

5. INTERNATIONAL - leverages multinational, regional and/or global engagement to deliver outcomes, effects, and impact



6. INTERGENERATIONAL - addresses intergenerational justice and fairness through explicit futures and foresight tools and methods

7. IMAGINARIES, IMAGINATIONS & IMAGES OF THE FUTURE - works that employ design-based, multi-sensorial, experiential and/or play-driven, literary, gaming, musical and other artistic expressions to approach explorations of futures thinking

8. IMPLEMENTATION - showcases work that clearly demonstrates where futures and foresight were integral to a process and/or practice within a community, corporate, agency, and governance context

9. INSPIRATIONAL - engenders an ethical imagination, radical optimism, and/or hope



Anyone can apply, including anyone who is not a member of the APF or even identifies primarily as a futurist or foresight practitioner. You can either be nominated or self-nominated. In both cases, submit the entry with a statement of no more than 300 words and, optionally, add a video or audio recording (3-minute or less) to help the judges to understand and connect with this work and its relevance for the community of practices. Clarity is kindness, please have a look at the judging criteria when you create your submission. 


  • Where can we access this work? (please provide a link or attachment as a PDF)

  • Which focal area resonates most with your work? (Impacting, Indigenous, etc.)

  • What do you want other professionals in the field or others more broadly to know about this work? (150 words)

  • What did you learn from doing this work / performing this research? (150 words)

  • How would you like to see this work moving forward? (150 words)

Please use this form to submit your interest in the Association of Professional Futurists' IF Awards
by Sunday, November 5, 2022.

IF... Award Timeline

November 5
November 6-13
December 16
December 10
November 13-30
Coming in 2023

Application Close Date 

Advisory Committee/Conveners prepare submissions

Judging begins on November 13 and ends on November 30

Winners and Judges will be notified

Public Announcement 

Award Celebration


The works shall be publicly accessible, but do not have to be formally published. The artifacts may be in the form of books, articles, theses, policy papers, reports, dissertations and speeches in print and online; movies and videos; television and radio programs; works of art; electronic or other games and simulations; websites; software or multimedia presentations; educational works, like syllabi, texts, activities, simulations/games, etc. Please note: we need to have a sufficient description of the nomination for the judges to be able to judge it. Some sort of documentation is essential (that is above and beyond the statement for the judges), or the judges may report that they cannot render a decision.  


*Works that have been published or otherwise made publicly accessible at any time from January 1,  2020—2022, will be eligible. Works which have previously won a Most Significant Futures Works award are not eligible. 


John A. Sweeney and Maggie Greyson serve as the co-conveners this year after many years of service and commitment from Andy Hines and many other high-profile members and judges in the field.


A dedicated forum section for everyone! Anyone may submit, whether they are an APF member or not. Go to MSFW 2022 Forum.


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